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Are you an expecting mum, dad, co-parent or birthing partner?


Would you like to participate in a survey for expecting parents with fear of childbirth?


We are developing a new support programme for expectant parents and birthing partners with some kind of childbirth fear.

Why a study about this?


The purpose of the research project is to develop an effective and accessible support for you as an expectant or new parent with fear of childbirth, to increase your own ability to handle childbirth and early parenthood. Getting support can have the potential to reduce perceived fear of childbirth.

By participating in this project you will help increase the knowledge of what support expectant parents need and how they seek help.


Participation is voluntary


Your participation is voluntary and you can choose to cancel your participation at any time. If you choose not to participate or want to cancel your participation, you do not have to state why, nor will it affect your care or treatment.


If you wish to cancel your participation, please contact the person responsible for the study (see contact information in Kontakta oss).

How is the survey conducted?


To participate, you can complete an online survey by scanning a QR code or by opening a link to the survey.

The time required to answer the questionnaire is estimated to take approximately 25 minutes.


Who can participate?

  • Expectant or new parents with some form of fear of childbirth


  • 18 years or older


  • Living in Sweden

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